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A hand-picked list of the best sardines to eat.

Sardines in an open tin can.

Belmar Sardinhas

I picked up Belmar Sardinhas at Central Market. They recently had an event focused on Portuguese cuisine. Portuguese cuisine certainty includes its sardines which can be delectable. Belmar was a standard-fare sardine that satisfied my lunch needs.


Matiz Sardines

Matiz's heartier sardines, three per tin, deliver a rich, natural taste without added peppers. Harvested from the Eastern Atlantic, these sardines in quality olive oil highlight their umami flavor and flaky texture. Ideal for quick, nutritious meals, they embody the simplicity and satisfaction of tinned fish.


Conservas Ramón Peña Sardinillas

Ramón Peña is a premium-end cannery that offers products across the Tin Hat universe. Our team checked out its sardinillas and it was no disappointment. The sardinillas offered that same palette complexity found in a larger Sardine while they still fit on a cracker. For something of this caliber, we chose to eat them by the fork. The tin demonstrates that not all fish are created equally.


Mina Sardines

Mina Sardines are an affordable meaty sardine from Morocco. They were delightful to eat with a fork and presented a nice clean flavor.


Eva Sardines

The sardines had a light oily flavor and complemented the elect crackers quite well. They proved that Sardines need not originate from the coastal waters of Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Rather, a good sardine can can come from anywhere including the Balkans’ coastline.


Matiz Sardinillas

Their taste is a delightful buttery one and their texture is tender and firm. For someone new to sardines, these are certain to leave a good impression. Clean, tasty, and reasonably priced - what a great starting point.


Brunswick Brisling Sardines

Brunswick offers a starter sardine. Their sardine is simple, oily, and inoffensive. The sardine places perfectly on a cracker with hot sauce. It can also be eaten out of the can with ease.

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